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  • How do I buy a share?
    Contact Brooke or Brooks by phone, email, at pickup, or here at the farm. You will decide on share size, pay a deposit, & then pick up your share when beef is ready.
  • How much does it cost to buy a share?
    $6.35 per Ib of hang weight (this includes processing). If you have questions regarding hang weight vs final weight, or if you have never bought a share of beef, please contact us for a full explanation of this process.
  • How much meat will I receive?
    The amount of meat is dependent on the individual animal. On average a whole share will yield around 250– 300 lbs of meat in the freezer.
  • Where do we find your products?
    You can purchase through our website or in person! Contact us for on farm pick up, local delivery (minimums apply based on distance), or check our Facebook page for upcoming pick up sites & event/market days. Please note that Rose Hill Farm does not offer shipping at this time.
  • Do you offer live cattle sales?
    Yes! For live cattle sales, contact Brooks at 770-519-8567.
  • Why grass-fed beef?
    There are many reasons to choose grass fed beef. Grass fed beef is healthier than conventional beef, it is raised more ethically, and it’s a great way to shop local- just to name a few! It is more sustainable for the farmer, and the environment. Best of all- Grass fed beef has MORE FLAVOR!
  • Why buy local?
    To support businesses in your community! This keeps the money flowing in your town and local economy. Buying local supports your friends and neighbors, cuts down on carbon emissions, & maybe the most important- it better guarantees you and your family’s food security.
  • What are your farming practices?
    See bio to learn about how we care for our animals and the land!
  • Do you have specials?
    Yes, please see our shop tab for current specials.
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